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Security Applications For A Safer, Smarter World

At One Step Security, we provide innovative, versatile, and scalable security camera applications tailored to your home and business needs!

Protect your places and people. Achieve operational excellence. Gain the peace of mind you so long for.


Residential Fixes

One Step Security’s security applications are perfect for homeowners looking to ensure the safety of their home and loved ones.

With enhanced visibility and round-the-clock surveillance, you can deter crime and secure the place that matters the most to you.

Simply install high-tech security cameras at all possible entrance and exit points and sit back and relax.

Business Solutions

Running a business entails simultaneously overseeing multiple operations.

One Step Security offers a range of tailored security camera settings to ease the burden of surveilling staff during shift hours, safeguarding your assets from thefts and break-ins, and streamlining business operations.

Remotely monitor the premises, alleviate risks, and elevate your business – all at once!

Retail Management

Accounting for every single transaction, staff member, and product is a hassle for retail outlets.

One Step Security sets up security cameras at strategic locations, including POS, to keep track of daily activity, safeguard products during and after work hours, and ensure all transactions are accounted for – always.

Take your retail operations to the next level.

Agriculture Surveillance

Ensuring the safety of animals, equipment, produce, and facilities is the utmost priority of agricultural properties and farms.

One Step Security provides customized camera installations to monitor daily farm activity, track animal movements, account for supplies, and deter intruders and misuse.

Wireless Solutions

Monitor real-time video footage of building sites, moving vehicles, and a variety of complex locations from anywhere in the world, anytime.


Enable simpler, faster, and more accessible surveillance by establishing a Wi-Fi network to link camera devices!

Parking Structure Supervision

Owning, managing, or residing in a multifamily community with a shared parking space requires extensive security measures to keep criminals at bay.

Deter theft and vandalism with One Step Security’s real-time surveillance of the space.

Take prompt and proactive measures in case of any mishap!

Vacation Property Safeguarding

Putting up your property for a vacation rental can be quite stressful. Rest easy as One Step Security has you covered.

With our video surveillance solutions, you can monitor any suspicious activity remotely, get alerted in case of any emergency, and take immediate and decisive action when needed.

Hotels/Motel Security

Ensuring visitors’ and their belongings’ safety is the hotel management’s primary responsibility.


One Step Security provides assistance with security camera solutions at key points, such as the lobby, staircases, storage, and hotel facilities, to deter theft/criminal activity and safeguard your guests and assets.

Gas Station Protection

Gas stations are exposed to drive-off gas thefts, shoplifting, and armed robberies. 

One Step Security’s comprehensive video surveillance allows gas stations to deter crime, ensure safety, and simplify post-crime investigation by helping identify license plates and individuals involved in the crime.

Elderly/Pet Monitoring

Taking care of elderly individuals or pets 24/7 can be very difficult for individuals with personal and professional commitments. We understand that.


This is why we help monitor elderly parents and pets with high-quality surveillance systems and two-way communication microphones.


Ensure that the elderly parents and pets are doing well. Get alerted in case of any emergency. Always stay connected!


No. No permission is required unless you reside on a shared or rental property.

Yes. Security cameras can be programmed to send app alerts, text messages, or snapshots if they detect motion.

Yes. Wi-Fi security cameras have intercom systems that enable two-way communication.

The choice depends on your business needs. Visible cameras are more suitable for deterring criminals, but if you want to catch them in the act, hidden cameras are a better option.

Yes. Monitoring animals, supplies, and extensive areas of land manually leave multiple gaps for intruders. With 24/7 security cameras, you can keep them at bay with minimum effort.

Wireless cameras’ batteries can last anywhere between 1 to 3 years.

No. Outdoor cameras are designed to withstand different weather conditions and cover a larger range. Indoor cameras monitor smaller, targeted areas with higher precision.

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