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Effective Security Camera Services

One Step Security offers a range of bespoke, effective, and versatile security camera services tailored to protect your home and business

Protect the people and places important to you. Avail the best security cameras services!


Latest Installations

Upgrade your residential or commercial property’s security with state-of-the-art security camera systems.

One Step Security offers an extensive variety of indoor and outdoor surveillance systems with high-tech designs, superior visibility, and enhanced features.

Our installation procedure includes a thorough survey of the property, identification of areas with better vantage points, and covering all essential entrances and high-risk areas.

Set up the latest, high-quality, and long-lasting camera systems with top-notch integration capabilities and HD resolution!

Affordable Estimates

Discuss your security needs with the One Step Security team and get a quick, upfront, obligation-free estimate for installation, repairs, and maintenance.

We assess the site and existing systems to provide comprehensive recommendations and cost-effective estimates, helping you make an informed decision.

With our upfront, transparent pricing and security solutions for every budget, you cannot go wrong.

Prompt Video Recovery

Recover accidentally deleted, damaged, or tampered videos from just about any situation with One Step Security.

We carry out a comprehensive examination to pinpoint the cause of data loss and initiate prompt recovery with our R&D and data recovery engineers.

Place extra firewalls in your system or backup data on our unlimited cloud storage.

Keep data losses and leakages at bay – now and always.

Reliable Maintenance & Repair

Regular assessment and maintenance of your security systems are essential if you want to prevent any security issues and ensure smooth functioning as well as performance without lapses, lags, or malfunctions.

One Step Security’s team examines the equipment, troubleshoots problems, monitors the feed, and installs any updates to keep the system fully operational and on track to safeguard all that is important to you.

Simplified Networking

Convert analog systems to networked cameras. Save installation costs and simplify surveillance.

Remotely monitor all cameras on the network on any PC or smartphone through One Step Security’s IP security cameras.

Track multiple branches/locations with real-time footage!

Latest Software/Hardware Upgrades

Enhance security using the latest camera technology with compatible software, high-res visuals, and high-tech hardware.

Upgrade your old software and hardware with the latest, modern ones to experience exceptional performance, superior system integration, and better connectivity!


Most HDRs store footage for 1-3 months.

The main difference is between the two is how they transmit data. IP cameras are connected via an Ethernet cable, while CCTV cameras send signals via a closed circuit.

Yes. The price of the actual device is higher, but you save on charges, such as cabling and installation.

You should have cameras maintained every 6 months. Do not exceed 12 months.

Front doors, backdoors, first-floor windows, garages, and driveways should have security cameras installed.

Yes. Analog cameras lack vital functions, which modern cameras offer, such as high image resolution and zooming in/out.

Yes. One Step Security offers cloud storage services, so you have a backup in case data is erased from your hard drive.

Discreet Installations

Remote / Mobile Access

Customizable Plans

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